Road Map Of Videos On This Site


I plan on adding many many videos to this site, and on this page will be the suggested track of study for omega constellation replica music theory, beginners, fingerstyle playing, etc,.  Lessons will be listed in the suggested order in which they should be viewed.  As I upload more lessons in the coming weeks, I will create the lesson tracks on this page read more .  


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Beginner Lessons:


Guitar Chords For Beginners (Lesson)


Introduction To Getting A Spanish Sound In Your Guitar Playing (Lesson)


Harmonics - Intro to One & Two Handed Harmonics on Guitar (Lesson)


How To Learn The Notes On The Neck Of The Guitar (Lesson)


How to make AWKWARD chord changes EASY (Lesson)


Conquering the F chord (Lesson)


Beginner Blues Shuffle - Part 1 (Lesson)


Beginner Blues Shuffle - Part 2 (Lesson)


Music Theory:



Major Triad Fingerings For Guitar (Lesson)


Minor Triad FIngerings For Guitar (Lesson)


How To Play 112 Diatonic 7th Chord Voicings Inside The Major Scale (Lesson)


15 Two Octave Fingerings For The Major Scale (Lesson)


Introduction To Intervals (Lesson)




The Ultimate Scale Arpeggio (Lesson)


My Favorite Things (Performance)


Guitar Exercise For Finger Independence and Control (Lesson)


Jazz Chord Solo of "Jesus Loves Me" (Lesson)


How To Play Walking Bass with Chords - Part 1 (Lesson)


How To Play Walking Bass with Chords - Part 2 (Lesson)


How To Play "All The Things You Are" CHORD SOLO (Performance and Lesson)


Darn That Dream CHORD SOLO (Performance)


At Last (Performance with Erica Brooke)


Navigating ii-V-I Changes In Jazz (Lesson)


Icarus (Performance)


Jazz Intro #1 (Lesson)


Jazz Ending #1 (Lesson)


Jazz Ending #2 (Lesson)


Jazz Ending #3 (Lesson)


Jazz Ending #4 (Lesson)


NO ORDINARY LOVE - Sade cover (Performance)


Auld Lang Syne (Performance with TAB)


Misty CHORD SOLO (Performance)


Country & Bluegrass:


Texas Swing Chord Progression (Lesson)


Intro to Major/Minor 6th Interval Licks (Lesson)


How To Play Pedal Steel Licks On Guitar (Lesson)


Teetotalers Reel (Performance & Tab)


I Sing The Long Songs In My Long Johns And I Sing The Short Songs In My Shorts (Performance)




How To Play Slap Bass Style On Guitar (Lesson)


Pentatonic Patterns (Lesson)


AIN'T NO SUNSHINE - (Performance)


PRIDE AND JOY - SRV cover (Performance)


MUSTANG SALLY - (Performance)


LOVE ME LIKE A MAN - Bonnie Raitt cover (Performance)


I WISH - Stevie Wonder cover (Performance)


Beginner Blues Shuffle - Part 1 (Lesson)


Beginner Blues Shuffle - Part 2 (Lesson)





Jazz Chord Solo of "Jesus Loves Me" (Lesson)


Agnus Dei (Performance)




America The Beautiful (Performance)




The Christmas Song/Chestnuts Roasting (Performance)


Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (Performance)


It Came Upon A Midnight Clear/The First Noel (Performance)


Joy To The World/Angels We Have Heard On High (Performance)


Odds & Ends:


The Great Awakening (Performance with score)


Angels In The Ivy (Performance)


Leading A Band (Performance with tips on leading a gig)


Guitar Setup Interview with Music Row tech (introduction/overview to guitar set ups/maintenance)


My Story As Told On The Huffington Post


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