How Play ALL THE THINGS YOU ARE (chord solo)

Here's a jazz chord solo arrangement I did for ALL THE THINGS YOU ARE.  This is a good introduction to playing chord solos on guitar.


Because this is a copyrighted song, I cannot post my arrangement on the internet.


I hope to create a tab/notation/diagram book of my guitar arrangements of this and other copyrighted songs in the future – however, obtaining permission from the publishers is not cheap. You can help me reach that goal by throwing some change in my case either through PayPal or check (click on the DONATE page on this website).


Until I get that book out, if you’d like to learn this arrangement, send me a message on the CONTACT link on this web page and we’ll see about setting up a lesson on Skype. I don’t have a lot of time to do private lessons, but I’ll be happy to try to work it into my schedule.




If you can't see the copyright/cover song notice below, click HERE