Misty (Rick Stone cover)

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Here's my tribute to NYC jazz guitarist Rick Stone. I never really cared for this tune (Misty) but when I heard Rick's arrangement of it, I knew it was a piece of music worth learning. Rick passed away in July 2016. The life of a musician is not an easy one, and often the contributions of the working class players are taken for granted. Here's to you Rick, and thanks for the great music.

The arrangement I'm playing in this video is 90% Rick's.  It can be found in Mel Bay's book: JAZZ GUITAR STANDARDS - CHORD MELODY SOLOS

Learning a piece like this takes some time.  First, memorize the tune.  The way I memorize a complex piece of music is to learn the first bar.  Once I have it down, I memorize the first 2 bars.  Once I have those down, I memorize the first 3 bars, and so on until I have the entire piece memorized.  After I have the tune memorized, I'll play it over and over (WITH MY HANDS TOTALLY RELAXED) to build in the muscle memory.  After I get the tune burned into my muscle memory, then I apply emotion and feel to the song.  It's takes some time, but hey time is going to pass whether you are improving your guitar skills or not.



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