(with Thomas Gabriel)

This is from a gig I played awhile back at B.B. King's in Nashville.  No rehearsals, no set list, no charts.  I had no clue what I'd be playing when I got there - or who else was in the band.  Several singers took the stage that night.  This is Thomas Gabriel who is Johnny Cash's grandson - and who sounds so much like his grandfather.

Phil Keaggy was also at this gig and on some songs we both played, on others one or the other of us sat out.  Neither Phil nor I knew this tune, and we threw the hot potato back and forth for awhile until I agreed to play it.  Phil kindly pulled up the chords on a phone and held the phone where I could see the chords.  This is the first and only time I've played this song.  Unfortunately, with all the talk in between tunes about who was going to play this one, I didn't realize my guitar needed tuning and once the song started, since I was pretty much carrying the music for it, I had no where to hid and tune while it was going on.  Oh well, it happens...


The amazing Tim Gonzalez in playing harp.